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Blog Posts for NakedLime Marketing:

2020 Chevy Bolt Electric Range

The Chevy Bolt EV will increase its travel range in 2020 offering a surprising 259 miles on a full charge. This is an increase of 21 miles over 2019 making it a great car for commuting or longer distance travel.

More Attractive

The ability to travel farther on a single charge is expected to make the electric vehicle more attractive to buyers. This is a ten percent increase in range over last year’s model. This increase is due to improvements in fuel cell design and chemistry. This combined with one-pedal driving and the instant torque of the EV motor makes the Chevy Bolt a popular car to drive.

Charging Stations

 Chevrolet provides information for drivers on the location of charging stations in their area. Customers can use this feature to plan errands and activities according to the availability of a charge. The myChevrolet mobile app is easy to use for this purpose. The new longer range makes travel further afield a possibility.

Charging on the road isn’t the only option. Chevrolet will be working with Qmerit to help owners put in home charging stations.  This will make the Bolt EV much more convenient use. The new Bolt EV pulls into dealerships in late 2019 with a starting MSRP of $37,495.

Vehicle Spotlight – 2020 Eclipse Cross Accessories for Adventurous Families

You’ve got your 2020 Eclipse Cross, and now you are ready for adventure. Here are some accessories that will make family trips more enjoyable.

All Weather Floor Mats

How are floor mats adventurous? Maybe the mats themselves aren’t so exciting, but these tough rubber floor protectors stand up to whatever your family drags in and are oh so easy to clean. So before you load up the ATVs and go mudding, get the floor mats.

Cargo Management System

When you do a lot of stuff, you need stuff to do it with and a place to put said stuff. A cargo management system is a real life saver for active families. Keep things organized and in their place with this soft-sided collection of containers. It even comes with four reusable tote bags.

Cargo Mat, Tray and Net

While we are on the topic of cargo, it’s a good idea to take a look at mats, nets and trays. A carpeted cargo mat is easy to vacuum and is a great idea if you have pets that ride in the back of your Eclipse. If you will be hauling things that might be messy, like containers of plants or old tractor parts—no judging—a cargo tray is what you need. It will keep dirt and grime off of the interior and is easy to pull out and hose off. A cargo net keeps things like sports equipment and bags of shopping from shifting and falling out, which is a good thing.

Roof Rails and Crossbars

Roof rails and racks allow you to attach larger items like bikes, kayaks or skis to the top of the car and free up room inside for passengers and cargo that needs to be transported inside.

Tow Hitch

Your 2020 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has a towing capacity of 1,500 lbs., which is enough to pull a small boat or camper, so a tow hitch would be a great addition.


Technology Spotlight – 2020 Trax Technology

Not only is the 2020 Chevrolet Trax the perfect car for the urban driver with an active lifestyle, it offers a wealth of technology to keep you connected, safe and informed. With Trax technology, you can start your car, schedule an oil change and order groceries.

Entertainment on the Go

Chevrolet Infotainment System can connect you to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to allow you to make calls, play music and access popular apps like Spotify, The Weather Channel, Pandora, Fox Sports, USA  Today and others. An available 4G wifi hotspot gives you even more options. Trax comes with a trial subscription to SiriusXM with 360L to bring you more than 200 channels music, sports, comedy, talk and news, plus on demand shows, performances and interviews from their extensive archive. But the most useful app of all is the myChevrolet app.

Control your Car from your Phone

With the myChevrolet mobile app, your phone becomes a remote control for your Trax. You can start it, unlock the doors or find it in a parking lot. Check your fuel level, tire pressure or schedule an oil change all from your smart phone, plus myChevrolet app has access to owner’s manuals, how-to videos Smart Driver, a program to help you understand your driving habits and how you may qualify for insurance discounts.

Safety Technology on the Road

Like all Chevrolet vehicles, the 2020 Trax comes with a whole host of safety technology. From cameras to driver assistance features like collision, lane departure and cross traffic alerts, Trax technology keeps you safe.

Connect with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

If you use smart devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, Trax technology allows you to interact with your car with these devices. One exciting feature is Key by Amazon. This lets you receive packages from Amazon into your car wherever you are parked. No more packages left on your porch for thieves to collect. You can also connect with Marketplace, which allows you to interact with your favorite brands and businesses.


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